2 thoughts on “What is the use of QQ lobby ring?”

  1. Each ring in the store has a bright light, which contains the blessings given to the lovers to love God. The ring is not a must -have for marriage. As long as you buy it once, you can use it indefinitely. It will be displayed on your profile. Even if a divorce, the ring will not disappear. It will accompany you to the beginning of the next sweet marriage. Different rings have different attributes. It can increase the intimacy of husband and wife. When the intimacy is to a certain score, you can improve your marriage level, and you can also get various prizes!

    Crystal ring, pure crystal represents your nostalgia for first love, intimacy 1. Gem ring, red ring represents your love, intimacy 2. Platinum ring, precious platinum witness your love, intimacy 3. Diamond rings, diamonds are long -lasting, a far circulating, intimacy 4. True love ring, a new love that never fades, a love that never fades. Intimacy 5. Eternal love of God's ring, accepting the blessings of God, let TA become your eternal guardian angel with intimacy 10.

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