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  1. Dia's shares were listed on December 15, 2021 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM
    1, stock code: 301117, the issuance price of 116.88 yuan
    2, the stock price on the first day of listing was 162.00 yuan/share, the opening increase increase 38.60%, the maximum increase of 54.00%on the day; as of the close, the stock price rose to 165.01 yuan/share, an increase of up to 41.18%, and the total market value reached 66.01 billion yuan.

    The data expansion:
    . Introduction to Daa Co., Ltd.:
    1. Di A shares were founded on April 08, 2010, and the registered address is Dong, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The Founded Parker Building at the intersection of Cuishan Road and Wenjin North Road in Xiaojie Street, the legal representative is Zhang Guotao.
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