1 thought on “How to successfully open a small jewelry shop?”

  1. Nowadays, there are some small jewelry shops next to the school, which runs small products such as jewelry, head flowers, and needle. Such small products often have low prices and seem to be rich in profits. Therefore, many people suspect that these small jewelry shops can make money? They can make money? They can make money? They can make money? They can make money? How do you make money? First of all, the store name should be eye -catching small jewelry stores to make money, and the name of the store should be eye -catching, such as taking a playful shop name. Be sure to take care of the interests of students and customers. Today, the children are different. If the name of the shop is ordinary, it may be difficult to attract the attention of students and customers. The second is that the area of ​​the decoration shop can only be about 20 square meters, but the overall effect must make people feel chic and fresh, so as to cater to the psychology of young people. The third is that the atmosphere opens a good shopping atmosphere is not just a matter of large shopping malls. Small shops also need to pay attention to creating a shopping atmosphere. This so -called atmosphere does not have to be too high -end, there is music. If you choose the latest popular songs that students love to listen to. The fourth is that as the main customer group, the goods in the jewelry shop must be "appetite". You can often solicit students' opinions, such as what kind of head flowers are popular now, whether there are other different decorations in the students, and so on. Many jewelry are short -term. It is difficult for children's aesthetic habits to ponder. It may be popular for a week, and it is fleeting. Finally, the cost is not high according to the actual consumption capacity, and the students' consumption level is not high, so the cost of jewelry is relatively low. The important thing is that the style must be new. If you choose to open a certain brand of franchise stores, the headquarters will provide new products as soon as possible. And self -operated small shops do not have to worry. You can also find what you want in the business city and wholesale markets, but the premise is that the wholesale volume is large, the legs and feet are diligent, and the first time in the new goods to the wholesale city will put them in the store inside. Many people don't know if they should join the store, in fact, joining and not joining are beneficial and disadvantaged. The benefits of choosing to join the store, with the influence of the big brand, and the headquarters will provide image publicity, etc., the annual sales reaches a certain amount can still get a certain return point; the disadvantage is to pay a certain number of franchise fees, and there is a deposit. If you have vision and sales experience, you can open the store without joining. The cost of opening a small jewelry store: From preparation to formal business, the cost of expenditure is one year's rent, decoration fee, the first batch of purchase and part of the mobile rent. Anyone who has an analysis of jewelry wholesale channels in jewelry wholesale knows that the number of wholesale determines the price. Who does not want to get the cheapest price? Can manufacturers and wholesalers only do business with a large number of customers who buy. What channels can be available for small purchase? Let us analyze several wholesale purchase channels of small jewelry shops. 1. Local purchase: For small decoration shops who want to wholesale, although it is more convenient to buy in the local area, it is difficult to achieve good results in prices and styles. On the one hand The speed is slow, and there is not much room for local choices. After the purchase, the competitiveness is not strong, because it is easy to get the goods in the local area, and the market also knows. 2. Purchase in other places: If you go to the country to purchase, there are more expenses such as tolls and accommodation and catering. I often encounter the owner of the jewelry shop who runs in white. Because the purchase of a single variety is more, it will cause less purchase varieties, and it will also take up a lot of funds, which is not conducive to the decoration store operation. For small shops, especially jewelry stores to have competitiveness, it is necessary to reduce purchase costs, reduce purchase occupation funds, and make the species of goods often updated. Third, online purchase: online purchase is actually beneficial and disadvantages: 1. The advantage is that it has saved tolls, the price is cheap, can be mixed in small amounts, and the capital pressure is small.

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