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  1. Many people habitually match the gold jewelry, thinking that this is a symbol of wealth. In fact, wearing gold is also particular about feng shui. You ca n’t bring it randomly, which will cause bad feng shui to affect people ’s physical and mental health. So what are the benefits of Daijin jewelry to women? What should we wear and pay attention to the way of wearing?

    The benefits of wearing gold jewelry
    1 The antioxidant effect is obvious, which will inhibit the human body's large peroxide and free radicals, and reduce the invasion of harmful substances, especially for women. Agent aging.
    2. Daijin jewelry has the effect of warding evil spirits. In addition to being good for physical aspects, the benefits of wearing gold jewelry are also manifested in driving away evil spirits and sedation. Especially for the folk statement, it is even more amazing. Wearing gold jewelry can drive away evil, it can protect people's physical and mental health.
    3. Beauty and beauty, anti -inflammatory skin care
    The beauty skin care products on the market contain gold powder, and even some masks are used to apply face. Essence The anti -oxidant effect of gold will inhibit the producing a large amount of peroxide and free radicals in the human body, reduce the invasion of harmful substances, has a certain anti -aging effect, and the wrinkles will not appear much.
    It is best worn on the left hand
    The people when wearing gold bracelets and gold bracelets, they are not distinguished from the left and right hands. In fact, wearing on jewelry is very particular. First of all, according to our traditional statement, go left and right, so gold jewelry is suitable for wearing on the left. From a practical point of view, the bracelet is also suitable for wearing on the left hand. On the one hand, the left hand grows better than the right hand, so wearing it in the left hand can get better decoration. Therefore, in general, the gold bracelet should be worn on the left hand. After all, the right hand should work often. If the right hand is often wearing gold jewelry, it is easy to wear. Wearing it on the left hand can protect the gold jewelry.
    The number of wearing of gold jewelry
    The number of scalpel surgery does not have strict restrictions. You can wear one, two, three, or more bracelets. If you only wear one gold bracelet, you should choose to wear it on your left hand; if you want to wear two, you can wear one on each hand, or put the gold bracelet on the left hand; if you buy three gold bracelets, then then It should be worn on the left hand. Remember not to wear one with one hand and two on the other hand. This is not good.

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