5 thoughts on “What gifts are better for the owners who just handed over the house?”

  1. The gift delivery gift is essential-delivery bag. There are many types of delivery bags, such as the name of the house, the house, the house, and the house, etc., but one thing is that a house delivery bag can bring some complicated house delivery supplies to one place to the customer, so from the user perspective, so It can definitely be able to add points. There are many types of materials for hand delivery boxes, including special paper, PU, ​​and leather. Therefore, according to the positioning of the real estate, you can choose a suitable delivery gift.

  2. The practicality of the big hand, sending air -conditioning, color TV, etc. These products must be purchased after business decoration. However, such large items may cause trouble to the owner, and there is no place to place it when I first handed over the house. And the cost will be relatively high, which must be considered.

  3. The shape of the money tree is compact, the leaves are thick, and the leaves are thick and green. A series of leaves are similar to ancient copper coins and have high ornamental value. And its purification ability is super strong, which can effectively absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air. In addition, sending it to friends also imply the fortune.

  4. High charcoal carving crafts. Everyone likes better and better achievements, as well as companies, as well as enterprises. High -steady is the best blessing to the enterprise, and it is also the most sincere feedback to employees. , To cut Chinese classical auspicious elements, have a strong cultural heritage. It is a multi -functional environmental protection craft that can purify the air and beautify the environment.

  5. Activated charcoal carving removes decoration pollution and purifies the indoor air. Charcoal carving crafts can be customized in accordance with the requirements of real estate developers, which is of commemorative significance. When placed in the owner's house, when playing a decorative role, it can also remove decoration pollution such as toluene and toluene. At the same time, the price of charcoal carvings is affordable, which is a gift for the owner, and it is a artwork that purifies the air.

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