1. Family small workshops include soy products processing, LED lighting processing, cake shops, hardware shops, noodle shops.
    1. Soy products processing
    has many soy products that can be made, such as tofu, soy milk, bean sprouts, gluten, milk, tempeh, soy sauce ... Soy products such as Pippi will definitely buy them in the market. The remaining bean dregs can also feed livestock and get two birds with one stone.
    2, LED lighting processing
    LED lighting processing is a good entrepreneurial money -making project. It can generally be processed series and diverse to meet the needs of people's personalized life. For example, it can be processed: smallpox shooting lights, anti -glare blooming lights, color light bands, grille shooting lights, rail spotlights, solar lights, anti -fog down lights, ultra -thin downlights, and so on.
    3, cake shop
    Nowadays, cake demand in many rural areas is constantly increasing, so opening a cake shop in the town can also make money. If you want to choose a good position in the city, it is best to make some special cakes, so that it can attract users more, and it can also stand out in the fierce market. The profit of the cake shop is also very large. Interested users can do a market survey.
    4, hardware shop
    The rural growth at this moment, almost everyone built a new house, so it is still very good in the decoration market. In the town, in the village, you have to grow to a certain model in your hometown. Hardware stores are determined to be needed in people's careers.
    5, noodle shop
    The type of pasta converted machine color or two-phase electricity sold on the market as power, ranging from 25 kg to 15 kg per hour, about 3000-investment requires about 3000- 5000 yuan. This pasta converter can suppress a variety of shapes such as hollow noodles, cutting noodles, pentagrams, diamond -shaped, cat ears, and white fungus, to welcome the needs of different consumers. Shop can be opened in the urban -rural binding department or residential area with convenient transportation.

  2. Family Paper Processing Workshop. Paper processing includes toilet paper processing, pumping paper processing, napkin paper processing, etc. These paper processing only needs to prepare toilet paper processing equipment and original paper for toilet paper reeling machines, paper pumping machines, napkins and paper machines, etc., and can be completed.
    The equipment required for the processing of toilet paper is re -roll machines, sealing machines, paper cutting machines, etc. The best -selling re -roll machine is a fully automatic toilet paper reeling machine. In general, a fully automatic re -roll machine can save about 3 employees.
    It is pumping paper processing. The price of machines used in paper pumping is higher than that of toilet paper processing equipment. A paper pumping equipment is about 50 or 60,000. The original paper is a paper paper. The quality requirements needed for paper pumping paper are generally strict, and a ton of paper is 5-9,000 yuan.
    is the napkin paper processing again. The machine used by napkins is a napkin paper equipment. The price of a napkin paper machine is about 20,000, and the other investment is the raw material. The napkin is the least investment, and the profit obtained is also considerable.

    In short, do some paper processing, and generally obtained the profit of about 20%-30%. Generally, it is profitable to make napkins and paper pumping. It is larger than pumping paper and napkins, and the sales volume will also increase. Therefore, the profit of the three investment is very considerable.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, good at night. According to your personal description, I personally think it may be the following businessn1. Online stores; 2. Family lunch; 3. Picture beautification divisions; 4. Freelance writers; 5. Gift business; 6. Sewing repair shops; 7. Capital delivery point; 10. Snack stalls; 11. Professional curriculum counseling; 12. Family Bakery; 13. Talent classes.

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