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  1. Materials: paper box, scissors, knife, glue, adhesive tape, color pen

    the steps are as follows:

    1. Find an ordinary paper box

    2. Cut off the cover at one end

    3. Find a piece of cardboard with similar hardness, and make the shape of a drawer according to the length, width and height of the paper box just now. It should be one size smaller than the sum size. The size of the group depends on the thickness of the cardboard

    4. Cut off the finished drawing, and use a small knife to gently draw at the place where it needs to be folded, so that it won't be hard to work

    5. Fold it and stick it on. If the glue is not firm, transparent tape can be used

    6. Put the finished carton into the box made before, which is a drawer shape

    7. Wrap the exposed part of the box with wrapping paper. If you have patience, you can use cloth

    8. For the handle of the drawer, use an awl to pierce two holes on the surface of the drawer, which can be larger. Then put a rope or ribbon in and tie a knot in the drawer

    9. The drawer is finished. If it is not beautiful enough, you can add some decoration. Then the whole jewelry box is finished

  2. Tools: needle and thread, scissors, tweezers, beading, fish thread, old T-shirt, thick cardboard, transparent glue, and waste paper ring

    1. Clean up the remaining transparent rubber ring, cut the decorative paper into the same specification as the inner layer of the paper ring, and stick the decorative paper to the inner layer of the paper ring with glue
    2. Making the bottom of the jewelry box: string the beads with fish thread, which should be very long. Then cut a piece of cardboard, cut it into a circle, arrange the beads in a circle, from the inside to the outside, and sew them on the circular cardboard with a needle and thread to form a circular plate with the same diameter as the inner layer at the bottom of the transparent adhesive tape ring
    3. Making the outer cover of the jewelry box: cut the old T-shirt according to the outer dimension of the cellophane tape ring and sew it after cutting it; Then cut the T-shirt into a circle according to the diameter of the outer ring of the transparent tape ring to make the bottom of the jewelry box
    4. Making a cover: first cut two round cardboard sheets, the diameter of which is the same as the outer diameter of the cellophane tape ring; Also cut a piece of circular cloth with a diameter 2 cm larger than the periphery of the paper ring on the T-shirt to make the cover. Then sew the round cloth tightly, cover it on the outside of the round cardboard after sewing a whole circle, and take up the thread to form the cover. The beading position on the cover of the box is the place where the needle is used to punch holes, which is used to fix the two round cardboard together. The fixing method is to use string beads and fishing lines, which not only increase the firmness, but also play a decorative role
    5. After completion, put the box cover into the cellophane tape ring, and clip the disc made of beads into it. The size should be just, and the lid is closed.

  3. Buy a ready-made jewelry box and refit it. Remove the lining, draw a circle in the center with a hard paper card or wood chip, cut it, and stick it to the jewelry box to fix the ball.

  4. 1. Find a box with a suitable shape, preferably heart-shaped and round.
    2. Buy the fluffy cloth and glue it inside.
    3. Wrap it outside with your favorite wrapping cloth.
    4. Only wrap the lid with wrapping cloth

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