How about Chiba jewelry

I’m going to get married in October. I’ve been looking at diamond rings recently, with a budget of about 20000 yuan.
How about the diamond rings of Chiba jewelry?

5 thoughts on “How about Chiba jewelry”

  1. It’s very bad. I regretted that I had a 16000 diamond ring and didn’t allow it to be changed. When I sold it, I said it was OK. After I bought it, it was not OK.

  2. Chiba jewelry is a medium-grade brand in China, which is more suitable for the consumption level of the public and affordable to the public. However, I have never bought anything of this brand.

  3. Chiba jewelry is a first-class brand in China, mainly based on diamonds. The diamond ring Chiba has a high price performance ratio. Diamonds of the same level are sold at about 3000-5000 in Chow Tai Fook. There are many types of diamond rings, which can be trusted

  4. I think the diamond ring quality of Chiba jewelry is good. I have always bought gold jewelry of Chiba jewelry. Recently, I have taken a fancy to the just you series of Chiba jewelry. I can customize and combine the ring holder and flower head shape I like. The customization cycle is not long, and it is acceptable.

  5. Chiba jewelry is a second-line brand. However, the level and grade of a series of brand activities in Chiba are comparable to those of first-line brands, bringing unparalleled brand experience to the target consumers

    Chiba jewelry is a jewelry company. Keer Chiba jewelry is committed to the spread of love and beauty. It is the first large jewelry group in China that takes design and R

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