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  1. "Jade VS Caibao-The Crash of the Tradition and Culture of the East and the West"
    Since ancient times, whether in the East or the West, jewelry is a thing that people yearn for and pursuing. After realizing the need for survival, people need to be respected by others, that is, there will be a need for self -respect, and jewelry can just express this symbolic demand well. There is a lot of differences in the East and Western culture, which is also reflected in jewelry, so then simply talk about these differences from different aspects.
    First of all, it is distinguished from material. In the selection of jewelry, the Chinese prefer emerald, Hetian jade, turquoise, and Nanhong, etc. These are also important parts of our Chinese nation's jade culture; Westerners pay more attention to surface things and like flashing. Bright, dazzling, straightforward, such as diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds, cat eyes, sea blue treasures, and Tanzan, Topa, etc., which have been in recent years. Take the most representative materials for it.
    The diamond favorite of Western people is a single crystal mineral. It is composed of carbon elements. Instead of changing the element arrangement and combination of elements inside the earth, the finished product is generally one. A crystal is cut; the cherishment of the diamond is not the itself of the element itself, but in the way this element is rearranged. Diamonds are also a substance with the highest hardness in nature that humans know in nature. If diamonds and other jewelry are placed one by one, diamonds are unscathed, and other jewelry will be scratched. This is also the characteristics of diamonds.
    diamond is a single mineral, and its flaws will be very obvious. In this regard, GIA once gave four parameters, which is a well -known 4C. One of these 4C is the clarity. The naked eye cannot be seen. Only ten times the precautions that can be seen under the mirror. The best standard for 4C is no time. There is also a level division of diamond defects. It is very clear and very detailed internationally.
    The emeralds and Tianyu that Oriental likes are composed of countless tiny mineral particles. They belong to a collection. After many crystals are gathered together, a large piece of material is formed. This is the different nature of the material.
    The diamonds will have a clear standard internationally to make it easy to formulate its price, but the jadeite is not. We are talking about glass species, ice species, glutinous, bean species, etc. But it is just a range and one range, and there is no such accurate standard at present.
    For example, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, they have high hardness but poor toughness. Diamonds are cut into different shapes to conform to the different characteristics of diamond rough. Different diamond rough, its crystal structure and optical effect are very different. The shape of the diamond should first use the characteristics of diamond rough to understand, clarity, weight and other characteristics, and use the most appropriate method to dissect diamond rough and treat rough flaws, and maintain the weight of the rough stones to the greatest extent.
    although jadeite is not as hard as diamonds, but emerald and Hetian jade are very tough. They can be processed into various shapes. We have seen egg noodles, bracelets, pendants, ornaments made by jadeite, but diamonds There is only a small crystal that is cut into one by one, and there are almost no other forms of expression.
    The cultural differences between East and West are also reflected in the theme of jewelry. For jewelry, the Oriental loves very traditional themes such as Dragon and Phoenix, Ganoderma, and Peony; or some Guanyin, Buddha, and Du Mother with religious beliefs; or some expressions with auspicious meaning meaning Methods, for example, Ye Zi pays attention to golden branches and leaves, one leaf becomes famous, beans mean peace and peace, and so on.
    But the West will use more shapes in jewelry themes, such as lions to show victory, which is brave; or like Bulgari's snake -shaped bracelet, its expression is more straightforward. Inlaid it, so that you can see that it is very shiny and dazzling at any angle, and you can find something at a glance. It makes people know at a glance that he is wearing a diamond. accessories.
    has such a big gap between the treasure jade culture of the East and West, which can basically be attributed to different ways of thinking. For example, Chinese people like to consider problems from the height of life, jump out of reality, and think about the meaning of life, and do this kind of thinking about the expression between people, people and nature; and more Westerners compare Pay attention to logical relationships, logic, and rational, so we Chinese are abstract or emotional thinking. The West is starting from the material world itself, and then seeking the origin of verifying the problem.
    is the emerald on the left. It is a very common Buddha leaves and Guanyin. The significance of these is very auspicious, that is, I hope we will be blessed by the gods, and we hope that we will become famous overnight; Drilling, the visual impact of people is flashing, a prominent manifestation, a kind of self, a direct feeling for individuals.
    The general personality of Westerners is more independent and exterior, and some are very powerful, because I have been in North America for a long time, and I can feel their culture, basically in a competitive atmosphere. The relationship between people is a competitive relationship; and the performance of the Chinese is relatively united, the introverted is mild, and everyone is more willing to get along in harmony, rather than tit -up.

    The bracelet in this picture is the work of the Italian brand Buccillati. It is a family that has hundreds of years of history and produces jewelry for the Italian royal family. Emerald bracelets are very familiar to us. Since the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty, everyone likes emerald. One of the favorite ways is to make it into a bracelet and wear it in hand. In the conventional impression, diamonds are very hard and very cold; jadeite is soft, soft, and sheep fat jade is also warm and delicate. This is because Westerners pay more attention to principles, and Oriental people talk about human feelings.

    The most beautiful part of the diamond is at a strong light, from different perspectives, you can see it produce colorful glory. This is the feeling that the West likes He has an aggressive outgoing personality; for emerald, the kind of vitality green is a manifestation of the implicit character in our east.

    The take a look at this picture. This picture is two of my jewelry exhibition in 2012 One piece of Hetian Yu's work is Guanyin, and the other is a theme of expressing filial piety; the chain of grandmother green and ruby ​​in the picture below is very straightforward. You will feel that I am a flash point to wear, in You can find me easily in the crowd, this is me. We Chinese will put the surname in front, saying that we do not forget the ancestors; foreigners like to put their words in front, and then the surname is behind, which is also a manifestation of cultural differences.

    The people are still traditional, because the history of thousands of years is a feudal society. Basically, it belongs to a personality of agricultural civilization, so the Chinese will pay more attention to ethics, seeking stability and seeking the same.

    . The West basically belongs to marine civilization. They like to explore external explorations. They are a more outgoing civilization. For example, Columbus ’s navigation adventure discovered the new continent; for example, the later industrial revolution; Westerners had a very strong spirit of struggle and the maintenance of their own interests, with the principle of independence and freedom and equality as the principle of doing things. We called them the character of industrial civilization. This is also the same on the jewelry. Let ’s take a few photos below for everyone to see.


    The view of the ruby ​​photo above, it will issue a GIS certificate. There will be detailed records, but for emerald and Hetian Yu, this measure of weight is almost no. In fact, the jadeite and diamond color treasure are connected. Maybe everyone will question the way I say, so let's talk about the jadeite according to the standard of diamonds.

    The diamonds have four main indicators: color, clarity, cutting, and weight, then it is the same if it is moving to jadeite.

    The first is the color. The color classification of the diamond starts from D, and then goes down according to the letter. Compared to our emeralds, there are green, yellow, red, colorless, purple, etc., and the green green can also be divided into yang green and blue green. This is a large limit. , Seedlings green, apple green and so on.

    It is the clarity. The distinction of diamonds is FL, IF, VVS, VS, SL and other clarity levels. And beans.

    has cut work. For diamond color treasures, good cut workers make this single crystal gemstone more shiny, which is commonly known as the light of fire. This is a single crystal gemstone Important evaluation of quality parameters; for jadeite and Hetian Yu, cutting is the carving skills of each person, and good cutting is a good carvings, such as the teacher Chaoyang, Mr. Li Renping, Mr. Lu Kui, Teacher Liu Dong,, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, and Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Teacher Liu Dong,, Teacher Liu Dong,, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Teacher Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Teacher Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Teacher Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, and Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, Mr. Liu Dong, and Teacher Liu Dong. Teacher Wang Xinlan, Teacher Wang Guoqing, Teacher Cui Lei, Teacher Fan Junmin, Mr. Lu Mubai, etc., they are the representatives of good carving workers.

    is the size of the size, that is, the weight, of course, the large emerald egg noodles are more expensive than the smaller, and the large one is more expensive than the small handle. Under the circumstances, the value is higher, as is the pendant. We like the thickness that we like the Da Carat diamond.

    I was mainly engaged in the jadeite. After 2010, I moved the attention direction to the diamond color treasure, so I just want to talk to you today. , Hetian Jade, Green Pine, and Nanhong's four Chinese jade culture, the differences in Western gem culture represented by diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds, and cat eyes, how can they better combine them in both aspects Essence This combination is not only the simple combination of design, but also the innovation based on tradition. For example One point, combining the expression of jadeite jade and metal, giving a very strong visual impact.

    These pictures are taken at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show. It is some iconic works with big tree jewelry and Teacher Wang Yan.

    In fact, whether it is the emerald of the East or Hetian jade, and the Western diamond color gem is a very delicate opposition and harmony, this is very Interesting, if you use them properly, our works will have stronger vitality.

    I I think every country or every nation does not want its traditional culture to be in the embarrassing position of lonely. It also needs to go abroad. Some jewelry design with Chinese elements has a lot of high -end people who are very popular in Western society.
    The differences in different cultures are the historical background of different ethnic groups and their different aesthetics. This is gradually formed in the precipitation of social development history. It should be regarded as an eternal cultural phenomenon. We should understand the cultural background knowledge of different nations, different regions, and different countries, as well as local customs. Now it is a society of information, including the information of the Internet, which is very fast. The era of development has become smaller and smaller, and there are more and more communication between different cultural backgrounds and different race people. Therefore It is used on our jewelry, which should be of great significance for us jewelry people.

    The difference in Chinese and Western cultures in Chinese and Western culture is conducive to the expression of the current single oriental carving art of the current existence of a rational change. Entertainment culture, the sparks of this expression of expression may be quite dazzling. Now there are some jade carving masters who are absorbing some culture and elements in the West and applying Western sculpture art to traditional jade carvings.

  2. First of all, this problem is inaccurate, because in addition to the diamonds, Westerners also like various colorful treasures. And the preference for Westerners for Diamond Caibao is currently affecting the country.
    I tried to answer from several angles.
    1, civilized angle, 2. Geographical angle, 3. Economic angle
    1, civilized angle
    I is well known, the Chinese cultural circle, especially China, has special interest in jade, even the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 2008 Beijing Olympics The medals of the prizes are designed with gold inlaid jade. But in fact, this world is not just a soft spot for the Chinese.
    The actually Greek, ancient Romans, Indians, Maya, Maori, etc. all like jade jewelry. Among them, the American Indians and Maya are very similar to the Chinese people's choice of jade materials and styling.
    Perhaps it is based on the hard characteristics of jade itself, or it may come from the earlier inheritance of the earliest stone instrument. Through the above examples, we can find that the older the old civilization, the more they love the jade culture, the more I like ore jewelry, the more I like ore jewelry Essence The reason for the continuous continuous Chinese civilization jade culture is that the strong vitality of Chinese civilization and its endless civilization and culture inheritance. Greeks, ancient Romans, Indians, Mayan, and Maori, etc., are interrupted by the annihilation of civilization itself, or they are unknown because of the weakening of civilization.
    and Chinese culture also gives the connotation of jade "gentleman" to combine jade "characteristics with the gentleman's nature of" modesty and restrained "since ancient times in China, so that" the personality "of jade" personality, which makes it highly respected Essence
    2, geographical angle
    The preference for a country or region for a certain kind of jewelry and jade culture has a lot to do with the local gem resources. There are richer jade resources in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Xinjiang, Gansu, Henan, Yunnan and other regions have rich jade resources, and the relatively scarce of Caibao resources has no advantage in the quality and quantity of Caibao. It is easy to understand the development of China's jade culture. Hongshan Culture (about 6000 years ago), Liangzhu Culture (about 5300-4500 years ago), Shijiahe Culture (about 4600-4000 years ago), Qijia Culture (about 4000 years ago) Cultural sites basically have corresponding jade resources nearby, and they are relatively easy to minimize.
    3, economic perspective
    The use of lottery treasures after the 18th century in Europe and the United States, and diamonds are used as accessories. Needless to say, it is later. Since 1888, the leader of the global diamond industry Dai Bils has begun to carry out diamond marketing. Dobels holds the world's most diamond mineral resources, occupying most of the world's diamond sales revenue. Her behavior has also become a classic case of monopoly research. In the 19th century, Daibels engaged in global promotion through its international diamond promotion center, and diamonds began to be known. In 1948, DTC used the "A Diamond is Forever" (diamonds for a long time, a forever circulation) as a slogan, making diamonds a symbol of love and the best token for men and women's mountains.
    , that is, European and American preferences for diamonds have greatly received the impact of commercial marketing.

  3. Jade and diamond seem to be a question that people are discussing. Which of the two is better? Who will spread more long? Why do Chinese love jade and Westerners like diamonds? Today, Yaoyao will open the door to see the mountains and chat!
    First, it is aesthetic differences. Foreign color treasures have more artificial optimization in the later period. Foreign consumers can accept it, but few people in China can accept it. Foreign abroad likes clear things. Diamonds have its 4C standards, but jade is not available, so foreign consumers can't like it. In summary: "Orientals do not accept optimization, and Westerners do not accept standards."
    Secondly, Chinese people love jade, which is the cultural crystallization of China's thousands of years. Westerners will not get a flower piece of flowers and give some significance. Diamonds will always be polished according to the shape of circular, princess, pear -shaped and horse -eyed. Flowers, decorations or handlepings. The Chinese often given more humane poetry for jade.
    The view of viewing mountains: a mountain peak, towering, like a sharp sword, directly inserted into the clouds, and the old man in the pavilion has a kind of dusty spirit, which is better than the old Shoubi Mountain the meaning of.
    "Diamonds are long and long, a forever spread", this famous saying is widely circulated. Yao Yao thinks that people like diamonds, it is better to say that most people's preferences are abducted by the value marked behind the diamond. On the contrary, the Chinese people's love for jade is not limited to how many zero jade in the market, but the significance it contains except it.
    Today, proposal is equal to diamond ring. When diamonds are associated with love, marriage and existence value, authenticity is irrelevant. Therefore, when talking about diamonds, everyone will pop up a particularly specific image in their minds, which is inlaid on the ring. When it comes to jade, a lot of things flashed in the mind, but it is difficult to form a specific image, which is why the Chinese love jade.
    In all the materials for jewelry, the closest closest to the jade is the closest. Money is money, diamond is price, and jade is life. From ancient times to the present, jade has always existed as a close -fitting accessory. It is important to play. It is to play with it, and the jade will appear more moist. Therefore, diamonds are like a little girl who is holding, and the jade is a bit like a bad wife. The longer the days, the taste can be tasted.
    The people in Shi Shi, classic infiltration of life
    jade represents noble morality, beauty and nobleness. Jade culture is one of the oldest and most historical ancient culture that can represent Oriental civilization. The jade appreciated by the Chinese is more willing to combine the advantages and disadvantages of the jade itself, and the exquisite workmanship to express their wishes.
    Nirvana appreciation: Nirvana, Buddhist language, which means coolness and silence, annoyance, suffering and silence, and has the meaning of no life, no dirt, no increase, no increase, etc. That is, to become a Buddha, beyond the realm of life and death, no gain, no attachment, and a complete state of fate.
    Yaochi Jiqing is well known to each good jade raw material, which is unavoidable. Therefore, the well -known jade carving masters and jewelry designers in Yaochi Jiqing United Nations, based on the principle of "everything is beautiful", allows each piece of jade to present its own "most beautiful"; and combined with the current Internet trend, launch "traditional tradition Jade Internet "innovative marketing model.
    It jade has the connotation of the Chinese nation. Some people say that jade is destined not to be a diamond. Yao Yao feels that jade and diamonds are not comparable, and each has its own beauty. What is your dish, spicy jade and diamonds? Welcome to leave a message to share with Yaoyao ~

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