2 thoughts on “What is a diamond ring? How to identify a diamond ring?”

  1. A diamond ring is a ring inlaid with jewels and diamonds. And diamond is the hardest of gems, so people think it is the representative of unswerving love. At ordinary times, diamond rings are not only ornaments. They can express different meanings when they are worn on different fingers. It is even more indispensable when getting married. It is a necessary keepsake for marriage
    in ancient times, people worshipped the sun, so they made the ring into a ring, implying that it could bring happiness and happiness. The addition of diamond embellishment enhances its value and can better express the language of love
    "The cutter should cut it symmetrically as if left and right are looking at a mirror. A good diamond ore may be abandoned due to the lack of the cutter's skills. A diamond with ideal cutting should be round and have 58 clear cutting edges, which can reflect light to the maximum extent. A high-quality diamond has high value, strong reflection and symmetry, but a poor diamond may be cut too deep because it needs to retain its maximum weight Or too shallow to make it shine. "—— Quoted from Baidu Encyclopedia
    to identify a diamond, we should not only look at its surface, but also its cutting purity, color and carat. You can find a piece of white paper and draw a black line on it. Then put the diamond ring on the black line to observe. If you can't see the black line through the diamond in the diamond ring, then this diamond is most likely true
    you can also drop a drop of water on the diamond. If it is a real diamond, the drop of water can generally remain unchanged for a long time. Generally, diamonds will have a certificate of authenticity to explain the weight, quality, cutting technology and origin of the diamond ring

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