1. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the unemployment rate soared. In order to recover the economy, Chengdu first opened night market stalls, adding more than 8000 jobs. Therefore, other cities across the country have followed suit and allowed to set up stalls. Friends in the north can visit Shenyang Wuai small commodity wholesale market. Although it is not as famous as those in Yiwu, it is also a relatively large wholesale market in the north. There are two sources of goods, one is from online wholesale and the other is from the physical wholesale market. These two sources of goods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but for those who want to set up stalls for a long time and do more business, they must choose a main source of goods

    you can go to Yiwu small commodity market to buy goods. There are a lot of wholesale goods of 500 yuan per piece. If you find it inconvenient to come to Yiwu, you can also purchase goods on Yicai Bao, an online platform of Yiwu small commodity market. The largest wholesale website in China, with the slogan "let the world have no difficult business". Almost all the factories are online, and you can find many good products with good value for money on this website. We should believe that it is made in China and our domestic products are good. People are allowed to increase their income by appropriately occupying the road. For those who have not been in contact with the stall business and want to increase their family or personal income through the stall, they are really confused and do not know how to find a suitable source of goods

    when it comes to setting up stalls, many new entrants do not know where this source of goods comes from? I have many friends around me who set up stalls in Shenzhen. I will share with you the source of the stalls, hoping to help you: I think it will be difficult to do business after this epidemic, but not all businesses will be difficult to do. You can choose a small business to do, which people need in their lives. As long as we are willing to bear hardships and stand hard, not to mention getting rich, it is still no problem to solve the problem of food and clothing, especially for those who are unemployed and have no income at home. It is a choice

  2. I think we can purchase goods from 1688 website, pinduoduo and some small commodity wholesale markets. Because the wholesale prices of these platforms are very low.

  3. In fact, the purchase channel is not very important. It is OK for Alibaba. It is only that the freight is well accounted for. It would be better if there is a large wholesale market nearby. The key is to check whether the crowd flow at the stall is suitable for selling jewelry. As long as you buy something with a little personality, it is still easy to sell. When the product looks ok, it is suggested that the lower the price of the goods, the better. Even if the goods are too expensive, it is difficult to sell, and even if they can be sold, the profit is low.

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