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  1. The elegant pupil of love has never been pursuing fame and fortune, only looking forward to living with a simple and happy life with the beloved. Three years ago, Ya Tong ignored his mother's opposition and elopped Canada with the painter's boyfriend and married local. Three years later, Li Qi returned to Hong Kong alone on the grounds of emotion. In order to save marriage, Ya Tong secretly came to Hong Kong, borrowed money from his sister, and completed the wishes of Liqi Kai Gallery to maintain the relationship between husband and wife. Xiaorou, who raised his eyebrows, revealed that Li Qi made another new love, making Ya Tong completely died, and decided to go back on the road again.
    This because of his father Qing Yang, he has ambitious joining the diamond industry since he was a child, obtained GIA professional qualifications, and volunteered to become a jewelry designer. Under the recommendation of Qingyang, Ya Tong joined his store in the store as a salesperson, making her understand that in addition to pursuing a happy marriage, she could also build her own career. I hope that one day to reach my wish one day.
    Cong pupils are naturally attracting the opposite sex, often provoking the jealous and dissatisfaction of my sister's IELTS, but Ya Tong really cares about this sister. When IELTS meets economic difficulties, Ya Tong takes the initiative to approach the second ancestor He Zhenan, hoping that Zhenan is the man. Companies that can inject your brother -in -law to solve wealth. In the predicament, Ya Tong and Zhenan were on the boat. The lonely men and widows coexisted for seven days, but Ya Tong pursued a special love, and he couldn't compliment the character of Zhenan.
    During his tenure as a salesperson, Ya Tong was inspired by the owner of the opposite street stall. In the sweet words, the romantic pupil was blindly intoxicated in love, and it went counter to Xiaorou's heart. Wei Xiaorou watched Qing Qing inspiring the true face, using the inspiration of the girlfriend Guan Jing, and dismantling the true face of his bad man. Ya Tong was disappointed again, determined to cheer up, and focused on his career. Xiaorou quietly lifted the red line for Ya Tong, and the line was aimed at He Zhenan, determining that Zhenan was the true emperor of Ya Tong. Xiao Rou first learned the Chinese painting, approaching Zhenan's deed mother, to play a good relationship, and then let Ya Tong join the work of Zhenan Company, so that the relationship between the two was one step closer. Xiaorou finally successfully matched Ya Tong and Zhenan, but Hou Ya Tong found that Zhenan continued to entangle with other women, wanted to pull away, and was stopped by Xiaorou, which made Ya Tong painful. In the end, Ya Tong woke up and no longer was at the mercy of his mother. He wanted to choose for himself, leave Zhenan, learn to live independently, and eventually became a diamond designer.
    Cong Hitomi encouraged the re -people, and the two were emotional again. At this time, Zhenan found that Ya Tong was his true love, and pursued Ya Tong. Ya Tong was trapped in two men. I don’t know how to choose ...

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