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  1. 1. Concentric knot
    "Shi Yuan" there is a story. Talking about Wen Yan and his neighboring woman Jiang's love, Wen Xun sent a hundred refreshing crystal needles as a token, Jiang opened the box and took out the connection line. Put on a double needle, weave the same heart to give back the text. The brocade band of the strands of brocade is made into a concentric knotting of the loop to give the other party. It also contains the love and thousands of feelings. Compared with other token, the concentric knot has a subtle deep, because it integrates into it into Lovers' ingenuity.
    . The ring
    The custom of designing love in my country has a long history in China. In the Southern Dynasty Liu Jing's "Dispos", the Qin Shu of Peijun people married a woman in the grave of the grave. The woman weeping said: I have seen it with the king, and there is no life in the back. She gives a pair of ringing with a ring of ringing, arranged the belt, and gives out the door. "
    "Quan Tang Poetry. Answers to Li Zhangwu's Poetry" commented that the Tang Dynasty, the scholar Li Zhangwu and Huazhou Wang's woman in love. The ring, the acacia see the loop of the loop.
    "May Jun Yong hold the game and the loop has no end." Later, Li Zhangwu went to Huazhou again, and the Wang family had already worried and died, and the ring was just empty. The soul of Li Zhangwu and Wang's woman in the "Jane" will be in the Wang's house. This should be people's beautiful wishes for the ending of love.
    In the late Tang Dynasty, the ring gradually changed from each other to each other to the reason. Men's gift to women is similar to the gift method of the Chinese and Western ring today.
    . The bracelets
    The bracelets have many titles in ancient times. There is a story in "Tang Poems Chronicle". Tang Wenzong asked the ministers one day: "There is a" light shirt lining 'sentence in ancient poems, who do you know what "jumping away"? "Everyone can't answer. Tell them: "Jumping away is the wrist today. "In ancient literary works, common women presented their lover with bracelets. Liang Tao Hongjing described in" Zhen Hao "that the fairy daughter -in -law had the jump of sheep power and jade. In the Jade ", the scholar Wu Shengnu entered the Wonderland and a purple clothing fairy. When he fareched, the fairy gave him a golden wrist to Wu Sheng.
    . According to the "Xijing Miscellaneous Ji" records: Emperor Hanwu loved Mrs. Li, once took off Mrs. Li's jade cricket, and the name of the head came from this. Because also symbolizes dignity. Zhou Xuan's ginger has a good story of "retreating and persuading politics." The hair buns and earrings were kneeling in Yongxiang, indicating that she was guilty. After knowing the queen's heart, King Zhou Xuan was ashamed, so he began to inspire the ZTE situation of the Zhou royal family.
    Writing a woman prepared a mule for the lover in the distance. She carefully modified the mule, and the double beads felt insufficient, and the jade decoration was so precious. "Jun has his heart", so she "pulled the burn to the burn and the wind was ashamed. From now on, do not recover acacia, acacia and monarch. "Why do you do this? Or the affection that is difficult to give up from the heart.
    five, the sachet
    Fragrant balls, Pei Wei, Hebao, etc., the history of the ancients wearing sachets can be traced back to the pre -Qin era. According to the Book of Rites. Inner Parents, Parents, ... Essence "That is to say, when young people go to see their parents and elders, they must wear" 衿 衿 ", that is, weaving sachets to show respect. And because the sachets are portable, lovers often give it to each other as gifts to show their hearts.
    "Dream of Red Mansions" has also made a sacrifice for Brother Bao, and her feelings are condensed one by one. One time I wrote Daiyu to misunderstand Baoyu to send her the sachets to send him, and the anger was gambling. Another cut is being done, but the sachet was worn by Baoyu's personal. Look at it. "Cheng Ni made the soil incense, but who is it? "
    The expansion information
    The emotional token includes: bracelets, rings, Ruyi, Luohan money, red beans, phoenix, handkerchief, lotus bag, etc. Some kind of souvenir, etc., no matter why the token, whether the value is valuable, the token will always have a certain origin or have a special relationship with yourself. Its spiritual meaning must not be measured by whether items are valuable. After my own wishes, it shows that I will not be able to expand their will.
    In ancient China, the settlement was an important etiquette that the male and female parties determined the marriage relationship and the second only to the formal marriage. "Fate and media words", while adolescent boys and girls often use token to determine love; forcing etiquette and social pressures, and to exchange affection to complises are generally carried out in private, others cannot know. R r r r
    generally speaking, one party is given to the letter, and the other party should also return it. The token must be kept well, let alone transfer to others. The token is lost, indicating that it is not loyal. If it is returned, the emotion is broken. Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dingqing token (Chinese words)

  2. 1. Ring
    The custom of designing love in my country has a long history. In the Southern Dynasty Liu Jing's "Dispos" records the Qin Shu of Peijun Qin Shu married a woman in the grave of the grave. Seeing with Jun, there is no life in the future, given a pair of rings, arrange the belt, and send out the door. "
    2, bracelets
    The bracelets have a lot of titles in ancient times. "Back" is one of them. There is a story in the "Tang Poetry Chronicle" of Song Ji. There is a "light shirt lining" sentence in ancient poems, who do you know what "breaking away"? "Everyone couldn't answer. Wen Zong told them: "It is also today's wrist."
    In ancient literary works, common women presented their lover with bracelets. Liang Tao Hongjing described in "Zhen Hao" that the fairy daughter -in -law Green Hua had given the sheep power and jade. Pu Songling's "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi. Bai Yuyu" Writing Wu Shengnu entered Wonderland and a purple fairy. When he fareched, the fairy gave him a golden wrist to Wu Sheng.
    3, Yu Pei
    It jade has a special status in the history of Chinese civilization. "Five Classics" says that jade "is gentle and righteous, like wisdom; sharp and not harmful, like benevolence; restlessness, like righteousness; It is like a fall, which is like ritual. "Confucius said," The beauty of jade is like a gentleman's virtue. "
    , Dao and other gentlemen. In the "Book of Songs", there is a sentence of "gentleman, Wen Qi is like jade". The ancients gave Meiyu a character of so many humanity, so that people still have the modest gentleman as "Wen Runru".
    This head is the other name of the cricket. According to the "Xijing Miscellaneous Ji" records: Emperor Hanwu loved Mrs. Li, once took off the jade cricket of Mrs. Li, and the name of the head came from this. In ancient times, the criminals were not allowed to wear a puppet, that is, the concubine had fault and had to retreat, because the puppet also symbolized dignity.
    The king of Wang Xuan's ginger has a good story of "retreating and persuading politics": It is said that King Zhou Xuan once indulged in peace and relieved the state government. He kneeling on Yongxiang with the earrings, indicating that he was guilty. Wang Xuanwang was ashamed when he knew the queen's heart, so he began to inspire the tribute to the ZTE situation of the Zhou royal family.
    5, earrings
    This women have been dressed up with various earrings a long time ago. The earliest records were seen in the "Mountains and Seas" "Qingyi Mountains and Girls, whose gods are small waist white teeth, wearing ears with ears", Zhuge Ke in "Three Kingdoms" said: "Wear the ears of pearls, Gai Gu Shang also." It can be known that wearing wearing Ears have endless fashion since the three generations.
    It earrings are divided into ears, ear rods, earrings, earrings and other styles. In the early Qing Dynasty, Li Yanweng called the small and concise earrings in the earrings as "lilac" in his "Leisure and Life." He said that a woman "can be accompanied for a lifetime", which shows that earrings have a very important position in the aesthetic concept of the ancients.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dingqing token

  3. In ancient times, under the constraints of feudal etiquette, women's consciousness of treating emotions was extremely cautious and restrained. So as a woman really likes a man, how can he express his heart? Here we have to mention the confidant token. In fact, there will be many fixed lovers in many film and television dramas. Let me introduce a few types below.

    The first type is the purse we are very familiar with. This thing will appear frequently in major film and television dramas, especially the pockets sewn by women in person, it is even more implicit. Because the lotus bag is personal and has aroma, it is like a girl's body fragrance. It is the best choice for the woman to give to the man.

    The second type of love is jade, but this is only available to rich people. After all, a piece of jade pendant is indeed a lot of money. Yu Pei is best in half, half of the woman, half of the man. Combined together, it symbolizes the reunion and full of roundness. There is also this effect of jade. In ancient times, when people were separated, they would also divide the jade into half. Is there such a poem? Baodi divided, peach leaf degree, smoke willow dark Nanpu. This phenomenon is described.

    In the same way of conflict is handkerchief. Everyone in ancient women will carry a handkerchief with them. Therefore, sending the handkerchief to the man you like is a means to indicate the close relationship. It is very convenient to give the handkerchief at the same time. In many film and television works, the female lead will lose the handkerchief, and the male lead will pick up the handkerchief. The handkerchief connects the male lead and the female lead as a medium to make them a love story before.

    In short, there are many reinforcements in ancient times. For example, women also give men's earrings, rings, and so on. As long as there is a friendship, everything can be made to make a fixing token and presented to the other party.

  4. May you have a mountain reliable in your life, a tree can live, and your beloved, spring flowers, summer, autumn mountains, winter sweeping snow ...
    In ancient times, daughter's family was afraid of people's unknown acacia. It means that those silent and trivial items are used as a matchmaker, and they will be sent to Lang Jun. In fact, in this life, it is best to have two people in love. One person is brought to heart, and one is unforgettable.
    1. Golden Gold
    Song Zhu Shuzhen's "Hate Farewell": Jiu Zhu Nongfen always has no intention, thin and wide, and the arms gold. Do not make a big fight, and the thoughts are not deeply affectionate.
    2. Tongxin knot
    Tang · Cai Cai's "Eighteen of the Night Songs": Nong Nong cuts the clouds, Lang also divides the hair. Looking for no one, I made a concentric knot.
    3. The sachet
    Ming Dan's "Three Years of Zi Ye Song": To weave double 鸳, it will be only all day. Sending the king as a sachet, he looks like an elbow axillary.
    4. Who knows the mind? The moon is full of flowers.
    5. Ring (ring)
    Qing Zhu Yizun's "Lake Lake Song": Longxiang small handle pipa curved, Cherite Linglong scheduled ring. Try to press the flower deep, and the begonia is returned after the begonia opened.
    6. Det off (bracelet)
    Han Fanqin's "Dingqing Poem": Why is it exaggerated and jump away from the wrist.
    7. Yu Pei
    Tang Mao Wenxi's "Drunk Flowers": Feng Yaoyu Peiqing, why is it tonight?
    8. Pepper, orchid, peony, vanilla, papaya, Tong tube
    see the Book of Songs
    9. 簪
    The mirror broke the golden fold. Empty Zanglan's heart, can't bear to say in the piano.
    10. Red beans
    Tang Wen Tingyun's "Willow Branch": Linglong dice An Red Bean, who knows each other.
    11. Comb
    Song Lu Shengji "鹧鸪 鹧鸪": ivory white teeth double comb, camel bone red pattern small 棹蓖.
    12. Green silk
    Song Zhou Mi "Wind into the pine": Love is chaotic, leaving cold, still in love.
    13. Fan
    Western Han Dynasty Ban Jiechi "Tuan Fan Song": Tailing Huan Huan Fan, reunion like a bright moon. Entering Jun Huai's sleeves, shaking the breeze.
    14. Glorein
    Song Yan Ji Dao "Butterfly Love Flowers": I want to do my best to this love letter ruler, floating geese sinking fish, and there is no credentials.
    15. Handkerchief
    Ming Feng Menglong's "Song Song": Do not write love words and do not offer poems, one party knows.
    16. The skirt
    Tang Lu Lun's "Gu Yan Poems": self -concentric in the band of the skirt, the warmth of the warm place is deep.
    17. Copper mirror
    Han Xinyan Nian "Yu Linlang": Bitter bronze mirror, ending me red Luo Luo.
    18. Luo skirt
    Song Zhao Yan Duan "Bodhisattva Bar": The embroidered Luo skirt double band, the year of spring heart.

  5. Professional answers
    "Send a strands of green silk, and the body is like a silk". What kind of entrustment is this? "Chao Ruqing Silk into the snow", what kind of melancholy is this? "Shili Pinghu frost is full of sky, and the young young years of sorrow", who is so romantic? "Green silk means, Hongyan brings tears in the bed. For ten years of dreams and snow, the horns are frost when waking up." Who is so resentful?
    -hair, this very important woman sends men more.
    It, there are folding fans, Pei Yu, accessories, and silver men to send women.
    The ancient people were sent by flowers, and the lover was usually a rose flower.
    The people with literary talents in ancient times liked to send poems, like Lu You's phoenix.
    The ancient Tanabata, holding Lancao ("Fang Bingxi") (Paeonia lactiflora is a breakup)
    The papaya, wood peach, and Mu Li Houxin given by a man who got the beloved woman, decided to return it to the gift Qiong Yan, Qiong Yao, Qiong Yan and other Pei Yu to express that they are willing to be with each other forever.

    The peppercorns. It is a kind of spice crop, which may also contain the meaning of many children after marriage: "The truth of pepper, Fan Yan Ying rises." Because of the large seeds, pepper is used as a child for women. There is a strong gathering in a room in the pepper. One -bedroom pepper is called the pepper house. During the Warring States Period, the folk of the Chu Kingdom also had the custom of drinking pepper wine in the Lunar New Year.
    o (∩_∩) o ~ It is still not the same, and it is not careful.

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