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  1. Li Xiaolu, a Chinese actress, graduated from the Beijing American Academy of English. At the age of 3, he participated in the movie “Little Island” and entered the performing arts world. It became famous for appearing in the TV series “It’s the Master of Angels”. With the movie “Sky Bath” and “Love Map”, the Golden Horse Award of Taiwan Film, French First Asian Film Festival, and Romania International Film Festival, three best actress after the film, are the youngest after the history of the Golden Horse Awards and the first award -winning mainland actress. In addition, in many hit dramas such as “The Peerless Double Pride”, “Eight Heroes”, “Zhang Sanfeng”, “Struggle”, Li Xiaolu also played an important role. On July 6, 2012, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang held a wedding. On October 23, 2012, Li Xiaolu gave birth to a daughter of 6 pounds, 7, 7 8 8 in Beijing, Xiaoming Tianxin’er

    Chinese name: Li Xiaolu
    Foreign name: li xiao-lu r r r r r r
    Alias: Xiaolu, Lulu, Xiaomeu
    Nationality: China
    Nationality: Han nationality
    birthplace in Anqing City n Day
    Career: Singer, actor
    Graduated college: Beijing American English Language Institute
    representative works: All are the happy life of the desperate dual golden wolf of the Tang Dynasty beauty that are all angels. R n Main achievements: After the 35th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards
    France Doville Asian Film Festival Film
    n After the 8th Huading Awards
    Constellation: Libra
    Blood type: O -type
    Height: 164cm
    Husband: Jia Nailiang
    n Li Xiaolu’s main works
    Music album
    ▪ Dongfangmei (2008.11.11) ▪ My Naughty Angel (2005.5.27)
    ▪ The Kiss of the Castle (2012) brave game (2012 ) ▪ People on the way (2010)
    ▪ Invincible House Team (2010) ▪ Borrowing Room to return soul (2010) ▪ Power (2009)
    ▪ Seven days of love you (2009) ▪ Nightclub (2008 ) ▪ Peach Blossom (2008)
    ▪ Paradise mouth (2006) ▪ Love Map (2005) ▪ Let us remember (2003)
    ▪ Sky bath (1998)
    Golden Wolf’s Happy Life (2011) ▪ AA Life (2011) ▪ Confucius (2010)
    ▪ Tang Palace Beauty World (2010) ▪ Being a mother -in -law meets Mom (2010) and fell in love with you (2009)
    ▪ Zhan Beiping (2008) ▪ Struggle (2007) ▪ Sparrow fell in love with Phoenix (2006)
    ▪ Eight Hao Xia (2005) ▪ In unforgettable love (2005) ▪ The first crisis (2004)
    ▪ Chi Zi Dragon (2004) ▪ Wind Blowing the Cloud Star (2004) ▪ Dajiang East (2003)
    ▪ A little bit more than hate (2003) fate (2003) ▪ Lu Bu With Diao Chan (2002)
    ▪ Thirteen grid (2002) ▪ Red Alert (2001) ▪ Peerless Shuangjiao (2001)
    ▪ The fairy tales of youth (2001) ▪ Juvenile Zhang Sanfeng (2001) Hong Wending (2001)
    ▪ The fairy tales of youth (2001) are all angels caused by angels (2000) n
    The introduction

    If father: Li Danning
    Mother: Zhang Weixin
    Husband: Jia Nailiang
    Sentences: singing, dance, piano
    hobby: hobby: Self -made small jewelry, listening to music, chatting with friends, Internet access

    Li Xiaolu photo album (19 photos)
    The favorite animals: fat cat, big dog, gray rabbit
    favorite Music Type: All Music
    The most appreciated movie stars: Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, Zhou Xingchi, Liu Qingyun
    Most appreciated singers: Li Yan, Tao Yan r r r r r r r r r r
    The favorite movie: love movie
    favorite card

    Li Xiaolu wedding photos (4 photos) pass: Hello Kitty, cherry small ball
    Fat foods: sour, sweet, sweet, sweet , Spicy, Fruit
    Favorite color: blue, white
    The most likely to go: all beautiful cities
    The most memorable things: Golden Horse Awards
    : Cheerful, considerate, responsible
    The most annoying heterosexual types: Be careful, rigid, masculinity
    The favorite clothing: casual outfit
    The biggest wish Movie 2. Be a successful woman (like a mother) 3. Live a romantic life. [1]
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    The early experience of

    Li Xiaolu was born on September 30, 1981 (Li Xiaolu posted on September 30, 2003 on his official website to be corrected to 1982 [ 2]). He spent his childhood in the courtyard of Beijing Bayi Film Studio. Grandfather is the senior senior of the eighth -factory, his father Li Danning

    “All are the calamity caused by angels” (11 photos) are the directors and actors of Bayi Plant. “Flower Ring” plays the role. Mother Zhang Weixin played more characters, the most influential is “Liangjia Women”.
    The three years old Li Xiaolu played a role in the TV series “Confucius”, the movie “The Island”, and “I only shed three times”. Since now, there are more than twelve children’s films. The ears of such a film environment are accidental. The “Sky Bath” filmed in 1998 was Li Xiaolu’s first real movie. Due to the wonderful performance of this play, she won the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards after the film and the first Asian Film Festival in France’s first Asian Film Festival in 1999. Actor Award. Since then, Li Xiaolu started his acting career.
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    performing arts experience

    The movie “Sky Bath” is just worthy of commemoration
    “Sky Bath” has won great honor for Li Xiaolu, but Li Xiaolu did not hold it. This movie is listed as a “sensational movie” in her life. She said:
    “The performance was taught by Aunt Chen Chong, I did not create, there was no autonomous part, maybe it can only be regarded as a memorable movie worthy of commemorative movies. “Mentioned by
    Li Xiaolu starred in the role of” Sky Bath “Wen Xiu
    ” Naked Opera Storm “in” Sky Bath “has been wrapped for many years. When making it in the United States, it is a substitute. People who do not know the truth think it is me, and I am too lazy to explain it again. The only thing that makes me feel regrets is that (movie) is not released in China. “
    adults After that, Li Xiaolu’s movie was far less smooth than her TV road. This made her worry. “Although she won the Golden Horse Award at that time,

    Li Xiaolu starred in the happy life of the Golden Wolf ( 19 pieces) But I think the audience still doesn’t know me very much, and TV can make the audience know me more, so I made a lot of TV series. “Li Xiaolu, who is quite the audience on the screen, is now doing the” shooting a sensation. The goal of the movie revives. In the Hollywood film “PUSH”, which was filmed in 2008, the former Golden Horse Awards played her youngest role since the film. “It is a door to try another field. Some people say that I have stepped into Hollywood, but I think this is just an experience.” “Push” directed by Paul McQueen and starring Hollywood Children Darka Fanning It is expected to be released in 2009.
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    Personal life

    The story behind
    Li Xiaolu, at the age of 17, became the youngest Taiwan Golden Horse Award for the movie “Sky Bath”. After the film; and a TV series “Struggle”, which almost “swept” the north and south of the river, made the audience across the country remember the actor of this “Yang Xiaoyun”. Li Xiaolu, who has been “struggling” on the screen since the age of 3, set the three major goals for himself as early as 16 years old- “First, make a sensational movie; second, make a successful Woman; Third, live a romantic life. ”
    Mom is a model

    Li Xiaolu and her mother
    Li Xiaolu was born in the literary family. Grandpa is the old employees of the Bayi Film Studio, and his parents Li Danning and Zhang Weixin are film actors. In Li Xiaolu’s mind, her mother has always been a model of successful women, whether on the screen or in family life. Therefore, Li Xiaolu naturally took her mother as an example of “being a successful woman”. Li Xiaolu lived in the courtyard of Bayi Factory when he was a child, and was no stranger to the dazzling movie world. Under the guidance of her mother, Li Xiaolu stunned her ears. At the age of 3, she starred in “I only shed tears” with Zhu Shimao at the age of 3. The film appeared in the film and became a child star. Li Xiaolu talked about the work of the year a little proud: “If it wasn’t for the junior high school, he went to the United States to settle with his parents and terminate his acting career. Presumably my work had exceeded the 100 mark.” In 1998, Li Xiaolu, 17, virtue of Chen Chong. After the director’s movie “Sky Bath” became the youngest Golden Horse in history, film companies on both sides of the strait threw a contract with her, but Li Xiaolu, who was in high school at the time, returned to the United States with her Golden Horse Award. “My mother thinks that I have not finished studying in high school, and my thoughts are not mature. I don’t want me to continue acting in a state without a foundation and suspended state.” In the next 10 years, Li Xiaolu not only completed his studies, but also returned to China and returned to back to China. In front of the camera, she was at a loss in the “Sky Bath” era. She can now hold her big belly and plays an unmarried mother who plays the countryside. Although gradually fading the young girl’s greenness and becoming a freely actor, Li Xiaolu still relied on her mother. In her opinion, her mother was the navigator in her life, and pointed her direction at every crossroad in her life.
    Li Xiaolu
    romantic life

    Li Xiaolu photo and life photos (16 photos) life, Li Xiaolu’s mother often advised her: “You are not too small. It’s time to become a home, and then drag down the mother to take the child. “Whenever at this time, Li Xiaolu’s attitude is” not persuasion “. According to her words, it is” Yang Xiaoyun Fan’s face “. Still single Li Xiaolu expressed her mother’s nature by raising dogs. If she encountered a long time to go to a remote place, she would bring two “dog sons”, and she was inseparable. However, in her heart, she has not forgotten the “life of a romantic life” in her heart, and her understanding of the romantic reminiscent of the article entitled “The Secret of the Unexpected Secret” in the blog last year.
    “Unspeakable Secrets” tells the story of a chocolate bean and small corn: the sincere and kind guy chocolate beans fell in love with the naive and lively small corn, but because of the summer, chocolate beans were brought into the refrigerator, and The small corn was put in the oven and they were forced to separate. Later, the danger of melting chocolate beans appeared in front of the small corn. The moment before melting, I held the small corn tightly. In the end, chocolate beans were always blended with small corn, and in the oven, a fragrant and charming brown popcorn became. At the end of this fairy tale, Li Xiaolu wrote the words “Give you, miss me every day”, and was suspected to be exposed to love. When it comes to this incredible words, her answer seems to be a bit inserted: “This is what I wrote when I was free of dreams.” It is a man like south in “Struggle”. “The whistle he gave Yang Xiaoyun is a very romantic gift. I think girls around the world will want it.”
    R N, on March 31, 2012, artist Jia Nailiang announced on Weibo that he would propose a successful proposal and will officially step on the red carpet with his girlfriend Li Xiaolu.
    In March 31, 2012 Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang attended an awards ceremony at the same time. When Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang came to the stage to receive the award together, after publishing the award speech, Jia Nailiang suddenly announced that she would propose to Li Xiaolu and kneel on one knee. Diamond ring proposed to Li Xiaolu. Li Xiaolu, who was completely unaware, was very surprised. He burst into tears on the spot, and then nodded and agreed. The two were even more sweet and kissed on the stage to gain applause in the audience. [3]
    It wedding
    Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang held a wedding in the morning (July 6, 2012). After the group photo, on the evening of July 5th, Huo Siyan, one of Li Xiaolu’s sister group, exposed the layout of the wedding scene on Weibo, and threatened to be “the most beautiful and poisonous bridesmaid group in history”. Jia Nailiang also expressed his declaration of love before marriage through Weibo, saying that he would be happy. [4]
    The netizens today include Jia Nailiang’s friends Guo Hongbo and Li Xiaolu’s agent He Ru and others revealed the news of Li Xiaolu. A daughter of more than nine pounds. Li Xiaolu’s agent said that Li Xiaolu did produce a child today, but it was not convenient to disclose details such as more than nine pounds.
    On October 23, 2012, at 11:06, Huayi’s agent Guo Hongbo announced that he heard a good news,
    Jia Nailiang issued Weibo to prove Li Xiaolu’s birth of the little princess
    The name was called A little angel came, given Guo Hongbo, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu, and Li Xiaolu’s previous disclosure period was in November. Netizens speculated that Li Xiaolu had produced, and then a netizen Bo Grandma “revealed on Weibo that he is now in the delivery room. It is prepared to produce, and Li Xiaolu has given birth to a daughter of more than nine pounds. At 11:54, Li Xiaolu’s husband Jia Nailiang happily released the good news through Weibo and took a picture of a three -handed hand. His little hand grabbed the thumbs and little fingers of his parents, and this picture was very warm and touching.
    sess, the agent Heru also updated Weibo and said: “Congratulations! The beautiful little angel comes. “
    The full monthly banquet
    On November 25, 2012, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu’s daughter were full of moon. The couple specially set up a full moon banquet and invited many relatives and friends to celebrate. According to Li Xiaolu’s friend Huo Siyan, at the full moon banquet, Li Xiaolu I also burst into tears.
    In at 3:42 pm, Jia Nailiang took pictures of the full moon banquet scene on Weibo, and wrote: “Xiao Xinxin, today you are full of moon. We come to this
    in a beautiful world and dedicate love to you. Today, there are so many uncle and aunts to celebrate your festival for you. Remember to be grateful when you grow up. We love you and do it for you on the same stage. Your health and smile are given to us the best gifts. Xiaoxin’s full moon part starts. “Father’s love overflowed.
    then, Huo Siyan, who participated in the full moon banquet, posted a photo of Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang on the stage. In the photo, Li Xiaolu cried and cried, and Jia Nailiang comforted it.
    “Bless Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang’s little angel Xin’er full moon. Seeing that your mom was crying, we were also rare. I really feel that it is not easy to see it all the way. I wish your family always healthy and happy. Huo Siyan wrote.

    The information for all information, see Baidu Encyclopedia KE./view/17240

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